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Rodman Boats and RBS Marine - The Perfect Marine Partnership

Rodman Boats are no newcomers to the marine market, with over 40 years experience constructing both pleasure craft and commercial ships, Rodman know how to ensure your safety at sea during the toughest of conditions. To find out more about Rodman Boats, please visit our About Rodman page.

RBS Marine are the sole distributors of Rodman Boats in the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands. With RBS Marine, you will find the best range of Rodman Boats for sale in the UK, new or used. Even if the boat you're looking for isn't on the market at the moment, we're best connected to the Rodman Boats factory and existing owners to help you find your perfect Rodman Boat. Why not drop us a line and let us know what you are looking for?  

Our experience with Rodman Boats dates back to their first introduction to the UK back in the early 2000's, so we have a wealth of knowledge on the product and we are proud to work with such a quality brand. In fact, we consider ourselves to be the UK's leading Rodman Boat experts.

The Rodman Leisure Series

The Rodman Boats leisure series currently consists of three ranges; Rodman Spirit, Rodman Muse and Rodman Fisher & Cruiser. All models are hugely popular, but Rodman are perhaps known best for the Rodman 1250 - in our opinion, the ultimate European sports fisher! 

The Rodman Fisher and Cruiser Range

The Rodman Fisher & Cruiser range has been hugely popular with UK boaters, renowned for the ability to combine excellent sea keeping and reliability, with style and practical interior and exterior space for sport fishing, or family cruising. We're super excited that Rodman Boats are bringing new models to this range for the '20's, which began with the introduction of the Rodman 1090 Evolution, launched in the UK at 2019's Southampton Boat Show and followed with the 'virtual launch' of the Rodman 1290 Evolution in October 2020, which is sure to make waves in the new motor boat market. 

Let RBS Marine and Rodman Create Your Perfect Boat

You can use the search filters below to check out the entire series of Rodman Boats, and we're sure you'll be able to find your perfect boat. With New Rodman Boats, you can also have a range of bespoke options available - the Rodman Boats Factory are skilled and flexible and if you want something different from standard, they'll nearly always be able to deliver. Perhaps you want an office instead of a second cabin, or a walk in wardrobe instead of a second heads? RBS Marine and Rodman together are here to make your boating dreams a reality.

Review of the new Rodman 1090 Evolution

Read the review of the Rodman 1090 Evolution from the August 2020 issue of Motor Boat Owner magazine